Virtual Students & Facebook Live Classes

Sendero Flamenco is excited to offer Facebook Live classes! Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up for a class (for now only Flamenco Foundations are offered to Virtual Students).
2. Send a friend request to Sendero Flamenco on Facebook.
3. You will be added to a special Facebook group for all students of the class.
4. On the day and time of class, log in to Facebook and enter the group. The Facebook Live feed will become available shortly before the start of class.
5. After the live class, the video will be posted in the group and available for 48 hours. If you were unavailable to watch live, you can still watch the entire class within the next 2 days.
6. Chat in the group to ask questions and get answers.
7. Flamenco Foundations tuition includes video feedback every 2 weeks. You may submit a 5-10 minute video to Tara (posted privately on an account of your choice – YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, etc.) of your practice for feedback. Almost as good as being in the studio! (Not applicable if you are enrolling class by class.)

Thank you!

Please contact Tara with any questions at