About Sevillanas

Sevillanas is a Spanish folk song and dance that is performed at celebrations and festivals – most notably at La Feria de Abril en Sevilla (The Seville April Fair). This four-part song with accompanying dances are performed by men and women, young and old, in couples, groups, and solos.

Sevillanas has a waltz-like feel and has repetitive elements as is common to many folk dances. While there is a standard choreography, there are many places within it to show personal style.

During Feria, men and women dress up in their fanciest outfits and eat, drink, and dance all through the night. Feria generally begins two weeks after the Easter Holy Week.

Here is a video of one of Tara’s flamenco classes performing Sevillanas during the St. Paul Art Crawl:

Here is a video of a typical scene during Feria de Abril: